23:44 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) wantrs a rematch with No Where Man . She thinks she is sneaking up on him outside his place, but he can see everything on his monitor. He transports Wonder Tomi upstairs with his gadget. At first Wonder Tomi confronts him with her costume on, but with the device he has, her costume disappears and she stands there nude. He wastes no time sneaking up on her and K'ing her with a club. Wonder Tomi lays helpless and nude completely out on the floor. She is tied spreadeagle to the bed. Everytime she comes to, she is K'd out with a special cloth. Wonder Tomi is vibed with a vibrator and XXXX to have an orgasm. He decides that he wants her to stay helpless, so he hits the gadget and a gag with the special cloth to keep her weak and a blindfold appears on her face. Another push of the button and the vibrtator appears tied to her leg. She is weak and contiues to have orgasms. He leaves her there to make more plans. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made ORGASMS, ORGASMS, VIBRATOR, BONDAGE, BLINDFOLD, GAG, EFFECTS, K'S, FONDLING, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, FOOT FETISH, BOOT FETISH, BRUNETTES, TAPE GAG

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