13:12 video

Straight from the F Files. Police Officer Tomiko and FBI Agent Whitney Morgan don't realize they are about to encounter a SHAPE SHIFTER (ARTISTE). This has really cool transformation. Police Officer Tomiko is fooled into believing that the FBI agent she sees is Whitney. She soon finds out this is not the case when she finds herself handcuffed and zip tied to the bed after a syringe to the neck. She struggles in her pantyhose. Whitney tickles her and worships her stocking feet. The SHAPE SHIFTER is having his fun, but he wants to bring the real FBI agent into his trap, so he transforms into Officer Tomiko while the real Officer Tomiko helplessly watches. He makes a phone call to FBI Agent Whitney Morgan...end of Part 1. This is part 2. FBI Agent Whitney shows up and talks to Officer Tomiko who is actually SHAPE SHIFTER , unaware that the real Tomiko is in the bedroom bound. She discovers this but it is too late. It seems like Whitney is in the same predicament as Tomiko. Both are bound to the bed and the SHAPE SHIFTER has his way with them. Stripping off some of their clothes and fondling them. He tickles their feet and worships them. The call has been made for Whitney's partner to come. It looks like the SHAPE SHIFTER wins! FETISH ELEMENTS: TRANSFORMATION, BONDAGE, HANDCUFF FETISH, FOOT WORSHIP, PANTYHOSE, STOCKING FEET, FOOT FEITSH, BLONDES, BRUNETTES, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, COOL EFFECTS, SOLES, NUDITY, FONDLING, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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