16:32 video

Miss Pandora is cleaning her house and scrubbing the floor when the doorbell rings. It is Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) at the door. She tells Pandora that there is a cat burglar that was spotted in the neighborhood and she asks permission to search her house. Miss Pandora, a big fan, allows her in. Wonder Tomi slips on the wet kitchen floor and hits her head, sending her into la la land. Pandora drags her limp body into the living room and is about to call a doctor when she realizes that this is her big opportunity! She wants to take photos of her with Wonder Tomi and starts to snap away with her camera. This will be a great souvenir! Wonder Tomi wakes and is immediately clubbed over the head. Panicked but at the same time aroused, Pandora decides to have some more fun with Wonder Tomi. She strips her out of her costume and takes more pictures and then even fondles her body. Every time Wonder Tomi becomes alert, she is clubbed over the head again. She continues to take pics with Wonder Tomi while fondling her. She even uses her dildo to tease Wonder Tomi's limp body. She decides that she can't let her go now, because Wonder Tomi will for sure try to take her in. She puts her costume back on and drags her away to her bedroom. It's a good thing accidents happen! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FONDLING, DILDO, BODY DRAGGING, LIMP PLAY, LIMP FETISH, made STRIPPING, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BOOT FETISH  

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