16:18 video

Tomiko is out in her backyard getting the grill ready to make some dinner for her and Fluffy when she is surprised by an escaped convict (Lacey Lane). She pulls out a g u n and makes her go inside the house. She makes Tomiko tie her ankles, then ties her hands. She smells the stew that is cooking and decides that she is going to eat something. This will be the perfect place to steal from and hide for a few days. Lacey hears a noise and asks Tomiko if she has pets. Tomiko tells her that she has a couple of cats and Fluffy. "Is Fluffy a ?" Tomiko tells her no...just a furry thing and Lacey shrugs it off and helps herself to some food. She sits at the table is unaware of Tomiko looking off to the side and whispering something. We see Fluffy looking at her and then he slides across the floor and attacks her. Lacey falls to the ground and Fluffy starts to eat her feet first. She manages to escape and Tomiko comments that Fluffy is harmless and is quite friendly. Why Lacey believes this is unreal so she deserves to be eaten when she reaches out to pet the worm. He attacks her and drags her in head first. Her legs kick hard as she tries to avoid being eaten, but it's no use. She gets eaten and her clothes get burped out. Tomiko calls out to Fluffy to help untie her. He uses his hand-like mandibles to untie her but then starts to go crazy and he attacks Tomiko eating her. She tries to kick free but her ankles are tied together. She gets swallowed....but we hear a noise as Tomiko claws her way back out of of Fluffy's mouth. Tomiko looks at Fluffy and realizes that she was almost his meal. She wonders to herself if she is safe having him around. Maybe Fluffy is going senile. Is this going to happen again? So many questions in Tomiko's head as she cautiously moves away from Fluffy. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LIGHT BONDAGE, SOCKS, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, HIGH HEELS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, COSTUMES  

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