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Tomiko hears someone at the door. She looks through the peephole and it looks like trouble...a cop (St. Merrique) and a very angry woman who looks like a lawyer (Beth). Tomiko opens her door and the angry woman immediately announces that she is the sister of a woman that she suspects Tomiko has something to do with her disappearance. Tomiko denies it and tells them that she is the block captain of the neghborhood watch and that she would never do anything that was foul play. She invites them inside and the cop starts to question her. Meanwhile, the angry woman can not let it go. She starts making more accusations towards Tomiko. Tomiko can't take it anymore. Her temper gets the best of her and she punches Beth out. The cop starts to try and arrest Tomiko but she hits her as well and down she goes to the now awaiting...very hungry...Fluffy. Beth opens her eyes in time to see the cop being eaten. Tomiko holds her and makes her watch. She tells her that the cop is Fluffy's dinner and that she will be Fluffy's dessert. Tomiko wastes no time feeding her next to Fluffy. Well...guess that takes care of any problems that she was going to have with those two girls. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, SOCKS, SOCK FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, HIGH HEELS, BRUNETTES, BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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