13:25 video

Silver Flash (MIss Tiffany) is about to bust a shady fake realtor (Tomiko). She takes people's investments for homes but pockets the cash instead of getting them the sale. Silver Flash creates a sting operation, She changes into a hooters costume, but she has the shirt and shoes wrong. No worries. This realtor will probably not notice, but she does notice. She questions her about the costume and Silver Flash tells her it is a new costume for the restaurant. Tomiko suspects something and decides that she is going to fix her drink. She gives her the tainted drink and it puts SIlver Flash into dreamland. Tomiko needs to hide her because she has potential suckers coming to the house. She lifts and carries her around the living room looking for a hiding spot. She walks down the hall and up and down the stairs in her pantyhose feet and business suit. She tries the closet...too small. She finally decides to just stick her in the garage on top of the garbage can. She quickly closes the door as the people arrive. We hear her as she tells people to check out the house. The try the door to the garage but she tells them that it is being fixed so no one can go in there. She checks on the girl when the people go upstairs to check out the rest of the house. She limp plays with her to make sure she is still in dreamland. She closes the door and collects her cash. When they leave, she lifts and carries her some more around the house. She still doesn't know what she is going to do to hide her so she carries her back into the garage and puts her in the back of her truck. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, LIFT AND CARRY, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, PANTYHOSE, BUSINESS SUIT, HIGH HEELS, HOOTERS, ASS FETISH. STRIP TEASE, LONG HAIR, BOOT FETISH, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, DOMINATION, LINGERIE  

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