17:23 video

Tomiko Prince comes back to her hotel room to see a note with some socks. They are from a fan for Wonder Tomi. I wonder how a fan knew that Wonder Tomi was here at the hotel. She wasn't planning on changing into Wonder Tomi. She is just there to do some press release for her. Before she has a chance to try the socks on, there is someone at the door. It's Tierra Ferrari and apparently she is Wonder Tomi's biggest fan. Tomiko Prince explains that Wonder Tomi is not there, but she pushes through. She asks to use the bathroom and we see her pull out rope, tape, and a cloth. Meanwhile, Tomiko Prince puts on the socks getting comfortable. She figures that she will get rid of this lady once she is convinced there is no Wonder Tomi there and gives her an autographed picture. She doesn't have a chance to do this. Tierra comes from behind and off to dreamland Tomiko Prince goes. She is stripped out of her business suit with just her pantyhose and a hiked up skirt left. She gropes and fondles Wonder Tomi and ties her up. She then starts to tickle Tomiko Prince hoping to get some info out of her. She knows that this is actually Wonder Tomi and hopes to get her to confess. When Tomiko Prince doesn't play her little game, she gets angry. She pulls the socks off and tells her that they are actually from her and they are stinky and will sent her off to dreamland. She puts them on Tomiko Prince's face, and she can't fight it. She starts to fade as Tierra Ferrari makes her exit. That will teach you for not appreciating your fans! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, GROPING, LIGHT BONDAGE, PANTYHOSE, made STRIPPING, TICKLING, SOLES, SOCKS, FEET TICKLING, BRUNETTES, BBW, BLACK WOMAN, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION  

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