15:09 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) gets news that Dixie Comet, who has mind control powers, has escaped from the US Government lab. Now Dixie is living a life of small petty crimes, trying to stay ouf of sight fromt he authorities. Dixie is on the phone talking to the bank, transferring another $50,000 to her bank account. She is unaware that Wonder Tomi is outside watching through the window, Wonder Tomi decides she needs to change into Tomiko Prince so she can ambush the Dixie Comet. She spins and turns into Tomiko Prince. Tomiko Prince knocks on the door and pretends to be a City Official telling Dixie that she has a code violation. Dixie tries to use her mind control powers and make Tomiko forget about the violation and leave, but nothing happens. She is a little confused and then is informed of the true identity. "You must be brought to justice!" Tomiko Prince spins into Wonder Tomi and Dixie with a quick response removes Wonder Tomi's belt. She is now able to grab Wonder Tomi and control her. Wonder Tomi is pulled upstairs into the bedroom. Dixie uses her mind control and makes Wonder Tomi strip. Dixie strips off her clothes as well. Wonder Tomi is controlled to move onto the bed and she is vibed and XXXX to have an orgasm. Wonder Tomi is tied up in a spreadeagle and Dixie Comet makes Wonder Tomi want cock. She makes a phone call and men start to line up at the door. The first one is ready and comes in XXXX Wonder Tomi to give him a blow job (insinuated) which Wonder Tomi in her state is happy to oblige. Will Wonder Tomi be able to take this humiliation. Will she break free from her mind control? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, ROBOTS, ORGASMS, made ORGASM. LIGHT BONDAGE, MIND CONTROLLED, made STRIPPING, STRIP TEASE, DOMINATION, DILDO, STRAP-ON, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, HIGH HEELS, BOOT FETISH, PANTYHOSE  

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