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Miss Tiffany believes that her sister, Kimberly, was last seen at Tomiko's house. She doesn't tell her that she contacted the police, but goes in and questions Tomiko innocently. Tomiko has Fluffy hiding in the bathroom. He hasn't eaten for weeks and he is starting to decay. His skin is peeling off and he needs to eat. Tomiko decides to stretch the time by offering a foot massage to Tiffany. She pulls of her cowboy boots and rubs her sock feet. Tiffany's cell rings and she leaves the room to answer it. Tomiko can hear the whole conversation and realizes that it is the police calling her. There is some camera footage of Kim walking into a house. Tomiko knows that it will show her house. She stops Tiffany from leaving with a punch and drags her limp body to Fluffy who has already broken out of the bathroom. He growls or that could be his stomach growling as his meal is dragged closer to him. Tomiko feeds him Tiffany and removes her boots and socks so that he doesn't choke on the shoe like last time. It doesn't take long until Tiffany is consumed. Tomiko decides to impersonate her and go to the police and send them on a wild goose chase. She puts on Tiffany's boots and goes to find Fluffy to say bye. Fluffy is standing and waiting for her. He attacks her while standing and goes over her head and starts to eat her. Tomiko struggles trying to get away. Fluffy is way too hungry and little Tiffany just wasn't enough. He sucks her up into the air with her feet kicking so hard that the boots come off. He sucks her up so much that she is slurped vertically until there is nothing left but a burp. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STRUGGLING, LEGS, SOCKS, SOLES, FOOT FETISH, BODY DRAGGING, FOOT MASSAGE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTES  

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