15:56 video

The Dollmaker (Tomiko) has received a box and opens it. Inside there is a necklace, 2 wrist bracelets, 2 ankle bracelets and a remote control. There is also a letter from her good friend the Accessorer. The Accessories sent are for her next doll. The Dollmaker is excited about trying them out. The American Protector Agent Merrique arrives wants her to surrender. The Dollmakers hold out her arms but it is a trick. She moves in with a kiss and turns the American Protector into a doll. She starts to accessorize her new doll little by little and realizes that the remote and accessory work together. She is a remote control doll and the Dollmaker can make her do all kinds of things. She has her handgag and smother herself out and has her walk around. She can make her head move back and forth. There is a red button. I wonder what this is for. She presses it and it American Protector snaps out of it saying that it is the release button. She bearhugs Dollmaker but Dollmaker kisses her. Each go down in a bearhug. Dollmaker comes to and manages to get a hold of the remote. This remote and accessories are going to make having dolls much more fun! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, BEARHUG, STUCK, NUDTY, DOMINATION, BOOT FETISH, ETHNIC, JAPANESE, ASIAN, BRUNETTES, LONG HAIR, ROBOTS

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