7:36 video

Dragonlily has been acting weird all day. Tomiko has been keeping an eye on her all night. When Lance arrives, she asks him to take over watching Dragonlily to make sure she is OK. Tomiko heads to get some shut-eye. Dragonlily starts to act weird..possessed. She goes after Lance. He tries to get away but she immediately starts putting him into holds around the neck. Tomikos hears the noise and comes into the room. She tries to stop Dragonlily, but she goes after her as well with holds around the neck. First Lance is put into dreamland, then Tomiko. As each revives, they are put back into dreamland. This goes on until both are worn down. They both lay in dreamland. Possessed Dragonliy runs off. Who knows where she will go next? FETISH ELEMENTS: WRESTLING, POSSESSED, VOODOO, MIND CONTROL, DOMINATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, LONG HAIR  

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