20:49 video

Cheyenne Jewel, a Real Estate Agent, is expecting clients any time to look at the house. While waiting she tries to figure out a way to quiet down the neighbor's pet. It's making all this noise and that will for sure make it difficult to sell the house. She puts a tranquilizer into some water meaning to bring it next door and put it in the pet's bowl. There is a knock at the door and instead of seeing one of her buyers, it's Tomiko, a Hooters girl. Her car has ran out of gas and she needs to use her phone to call and get a ride. Cheyenne shows her where the phone is and checks in the garage to see if she can find a gas can for her to use. While she is gone, Tomiko is really thirsty from her long walk from the car. She sees the beverage that was meant for the pet and drinks the whole thing. She starts to feel funny and can't keep her eyes open. She goes limp just in time for Cheyenne to come back and see her in that state. She sees the empty glass and realizes what happened. The tranquilizer really did the trick. She can't get Tomiko to revive out of her state. She needs to hide her before the clients arrive. She lifts and carries her into a cradle carry and places her on the couch trying to cover her up with a blanket. Tomiko's arm keeps falling out and there is an obvious lump under the blanket. Cheyenne decides to lift and carry her up the stairs over the shoulder. She searches around to find a place to hide her. She tries under the bed, but Tomiko is way too thick to fit. She tries the closet, but there is no where to hide her in the clothes. She even tries the bathtub. Finally she gets creative and hides her in the stack of teddy bears. The client arrives and she greets him. She hurriedly rushes through the house to show it, blocking the teddy bear pile. She rushes him out and comes back to deal with Tomiko. She lift and carries her downstairs and puts her in a chair trying to figure out what to do. She finally decides that she will have to hide her in her car in the garage until she finishes showing the rest of the clients the house. She lifts and carries her in a fireman carry and rushes her out the door to her car. FETISH ELEMENTS: LIFT AND CARRY, UNIFORMS, PANTYHOSE, TENNIS SHOES, SNEAKERS, SOCKS, ASS FETISH, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, LONG HAIR, MUSCULAR WOMEN, BRUNETTES, JAPANESE, ASIAN, HUMOR  

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