8:48 video

The Dollmaker (Tomiko) is going over her list of dolls from 2013 and she is anticipating what 2014 will bring. She has so many more superheroines that she wants to add to her doll collection. Santa's elf (Miss Tiffany) is sent to put Dollmaker on the naughty list. Somehow she didn't make it on the list for 2013 but should have. The Elf just has to get evidence. She sees the list, but before she can add Dollmaker to naughty, she is surprised by the Dollmaker. What is this elf doing here??? She grabs her and kisses her turning her into a doll. She sees the Good and Naughty list. Wow! That was close. She leaves only to return and see that the Elf has revived and snapped out of it. She starts to write on the list again and Dollmaker gives her another kiss turning her back into a doll. She grabs the list and goes to hide it. The Elf snaps out of it and is worried because she is almost out of Christmas magic dust and she will not be able to revive without it. Dollmaker comes back into the room and makes her sign her on the good list. She promises not to turn her into a doll. The Elf reluctantly agrees to do this. The Dollmaker is so happy that she gives her a big hug and kiss. She leaves to celebrate not realizing that she turned the Elf back into a doll. She comes back in for one more hug still oblivious to the fact that she turned the elf into a doll. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, COSTUMES, BOOT FETISH, NUDITY, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, KISSING

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