23:27 video

There is a new Superheroine, Pink Ranger (Lacey Lane). Her first mission is to catch Tomi Kat (Tomiko) and take her into custody. She breaks into Tomi Kat's house and with over confidence she starts to fight her. They exchange several blows abd Pink Ranger manages to K her opponent with one punch to the head. After a few seconds, Tomi Kat starts to convulse. Pink Ranger comes in closer to check on the villainess, but it's really a cheat! Tomi Kat sends a punch to Pink Ranger causing her to hit the ground hard. She tries to crawl away as Tomi Kat torments her. She is only pulled back into the living room. Her body is dragged across the floor. After several blows from Tomi Kat and a final s l e e p e r hold, she lays down . Tomi Kat looks forward to corrupting this innocent Superheroine. She drags her limp body across the floor and strips her out of her costume. She fondles her the whole time. Everytime the Pink Ranger tries to awake, she is K'd out over and over again. Tomi Kat lifts and carries her down the hall and into her bedroom. She is tied spreadeagle. She fondles and abuses her with punches trying to get information out of her. "Who sent you?" Pink Ranger refuses to answer. She is tickle and punched some more, but she still won't give Tomi Kat any info. Tomi Kat grows impatient and K's her out. She will make a nice profit for her as a sex slave, but she plans on sampling her first before she sells her. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPINNG, BODY DRAG, PUNCHES, K'S, BLONDES, FONDLING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, A SMALL AMOUNT OF POV, LIFT AND CARRY, BONDAGE, BELLY PUNCHING, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, BOOT FETISH, LIMP FETISH  

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