21:15 video

Dr. Dixie Comet calls Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) to come and meet her. Among some of the devices she invented, she wanted to show her this new serum that could possibly help cure various diseases. Dixie decides to try a little taste. Things start to feel funny. She starts to shake and smoke comes out of her pores. There is an electric current around her face. She transforms into an alter ego...Pussy Woman. This Pussy is up to know good and sees all the devices and decides she will use them in her favor. She can create an army with these devices and then all the city has to offer will be hers. First, she needs to get Wonder Tomi out of the way. Wonder Tomi arrives and immediately suspects wrong doing. Pussy Woman doesn't give her much time to react. She freezes her with her gadget and slowly starts removing items of her costume as well as posing her. She unfreezes her to play a game with her. Wonder Tomi is not amused and each time she tries to lunge, she is frozen again, played with and more costume pieces are removed. Pussy Woman sees the syringe after growing tired of the freeze game and sticks Wonder Tomi in the ass. The stuff in the syringe combined with a vibrator device that sends electric currents throughout Wonder Tomi's body and an orgasm as a bonus.....changes Wonder Tomi into a mind controlled robot. Wonder Tomi is ordered to do things...to touch herself and walk. She does so but then gets overloaded and starts to malfunction. She snaps back and reboots. Pussy Woman backs her back into the wall and shuts her down for future use. Is Wonder Tomi destined to be a play toy for Pussy Woman? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, VIBRATOR, ORGASM, ROBOTS, FREEZE, HUMILIATION, made STRIPPING, EFFECTS, FONDLING, TRANSFORMATION, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE  

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