12:43 video

Silver Lightening (Molly) and Robyn (Tomiko) are notified that there is a house they need to check out. Strange occurrences are going on and women are disappearing. The first thing Robyn notices when she enters the room is the smell of the ocean. That's strange. Is there a leak in the pipes? They decide to split up. Silver Lightening heads up the stairs and Robyn goes towards the living room. What she sees she can't believe. Is that a Shark? How is it not in water and what is it doing on the floor? She walks up to it cautiously and it attacks her chewing on her arm. She is pulled down to the ground. She struggles kicking her legs. We see upskirt that she has no panties on so we get some good looks of her pussy and her ass. She eventually is eaten until there is nothing left but burped gloves. The next superheroine to get stuck is Silver Lightening. She discovers the gloves but doesn't have enough time to reflect when the Shark attacks her. She is knocked to the ground and starts to struggle. Her shoes fly off and we see her sexy wrinkled soles and beautiful feet. Her legs struggle but she is consumed by the shark creature. It burps out some of her costume. Will the people on the city be doomed? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, NUDITY, UPSKIRT, STRUGGLING, STUCK, LEGS, ASS FETISH, BOOT FETISH, SOLES, FOOT FETISH, BRUNETTES, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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