10:23 video

Tomiko has another victim set up for Fluffy. This time it is realtor, Caroline Pierce. She pretends she wants to sell her home and has Caroline come over. When they walk into the livingroom fluffy is waiting. Tomiko shoves Caroline into his mouth. Things are looking good, but Tomiko is surprised when a creature comes running in from outside. A struggle starts between creature and Tomiko as he tries to grab Caroline out of Fluffy's mouth. Fluffy is too strong and wins so the creature grabs Tomiko instead. A struggle takes places while Caroline continues to be eaten. The creature fondles Tomiko's legs as she is slowly K'd out. It looks like this will be the end for Tomiko as he starts to drag her away, but Fluffy sees his master in trouble and grabs Tomiko's arms. There is a tug-o-war between creature and Fluffy. Fluffy wins and Tomiko starts to get eaten. The creature gives up and leaves while Tomiko slowly gets devoured. How could this be? How could Fluffy eat me? When it looks like Tomiko is completely gone, a hand reaches out of the mouth and Tomiko slowly drags herself out of the mouth. She isn't sure if Fluffy tried to save her or if he was looking for another meal. Tomiko doesn't even want to think about it. She leaves Fluffy as he burps out a jacket...the only remains of Caroline Pierce. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, HIGH HEELS, ASS FETISH, UPSKIRT, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES

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