18:18 video

Wonder Tomi has had some bad misfortune with villains so she decides to go on a vacation from crime. She dresses up in regular clothes to hide her identity. A henchman for the Invisible Man has been stalking her and follows her to the hotel she is staying at. He hangs out smoking a cigarette waiting for her to arrive. He keeps out of sight as she goes about her business getting into her room. She forgets something in her car not realizing that she is being watched. This is a great opportunity to sneak into her room. Wonder Tomi senses something is wrong, but after looking around, can't find anything. She starts to undress and puts on her pajamas. She goes to XXXX unsuspecting as he lurks over her body. Wonder Tomi wakes up and she is in a different place and her underwear has been removed. Alarmed, she starts to get up off the couch and goes into defense mode, but she is met with the voice of the Invisible Man and some kind of weapon in his invisible hand. She starts to move towards it, but then is frozen wheh he pulls the trigger. He tells her about this invention he made that will not only destroy all man kind, but will take care of her, too. The freeze starts to wear off a little and she starts to move in slow motion trying to attack him. He pushes her body towards his invention: a giant worm. She struggles trying to get free, but without her power belt, she is helpless. The worm starts to consume her and she kicks trying to get free with her bare ass hanging out of her shirt. The end seems to be near for Wonder Tomi as she gets consumed slowly into the worm until we can't see anything left of her body.

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