26:46 video

Dollmaker (Tomiko) is about to get a surprise from Electrawomyn (B Trilogy) and Dynagyrl (Dragonlily). The Superheroine headquarters have provided a special strong tape to cover her mouth with that will disable her chances of doing the dangerous doll kiss. They also have a serum that when injected will turn the person into a permanent statue, Once Dollmaker is examined she will be put on display at the headquarters for all to see! The only problem is that the Dollmaker has planted undercover spies at the Superheroine headquarters, so she knows the plan. She sneaks up on Dynagyrl and puts her down. She uses her device to cause them to change bodies. Now the Dollmaker is in Dynagyrl's body keeping her own powers and gaining some, and the real Dynagyrl is trapped in the Dollmaker's body. The Dollmaker now goes to work. She plays the part well of Dynagyrl and the unsuspecting Elctrawomyn doesn't have a clue. In celebration, Dynagyrl gives her a kiss and that turns her into a doll. The serum has already been injected in the fake Dollmaker and she is silenced with tape as well so she can't alert Electrawomyn. Both stand there as statues and are placed on the table ready for delivery. The fake Dynagyrl who is actually the Dollmaker can't wait to go to the Superheoine Headquarters where havoc is sure to happen. No one will ever suspect her. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, EFFECTS, STATUE FETISH, TAPE GAG, DOMINATION, AFRICAN AMERICAN, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, PANTYHOSE, FOOT FETISH, BRUNETTE, ASS FETISH  

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