16:58 video

A man walks in with Tomiko. Her hands are tied behind has back and her ankles around bound. He is carrying her into his hideout. He walks around the room carrying her and decides he is going to bring her upstairs to his bedroom. He carries her down the hall and carries her into the bedroom. We can see her ass peeking out of her short skirt. He fondles her body and grabs her tits. He smacks her in the ass giving her a lot of spankings. Tomiko is angry and feisty. He calls her rich father who tells him he is not going to give the ransom money. He comes back to Tomiko. All along he had talked to her like she was a piece of meat. She couldn't understand why he was doing this....but she was about to find out. He informs her that she will be fed to Fluffy. Fluffy grunts and she is pushed into Fluffy's mouth. She manages to get loose with her wrists, but it's too late. Fluffy starts to consume the struggling Tomiko. Her high heels fly off and we see her delicious soles and legs as she gets consumed. Since the man couldn't get the ransom, at least his worm got some kind of benefit with a nice meaty meal. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, UPSKIRT, STRUGGLING, SOLES, FOOT FETISH, LEGS, LIGHT BONDAGE, LIFT AND CARRY M/F, ASIAN, JAPANESE, FONDLING  

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