20:40 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) confronts Mr. Roboto, an evil Robot Villain that has been trying to put an end to Wonder Tomi all these years. She discovers him in her friend, Doc's lab and know that he is up to no good. He zaps her with an electric current from his chest and she is sent down to the ground. She comes to on a table strapped down. He gropes her body and tape gags her while he tells her what he plans on doing. He is going to go back to the past and do away with Wonder Tomi's grandmother. This way Wonder Tomi will never be born and he will have finally succeed in getting rid of her once and for all. He uses Doc's time machine and is zapped out (GREAT EFFECTS). Doc gets back and discover Wonder Tomi strapped down. When he frees her she informs him that her granny is in trouble. She has Doc send her back. She pops into her Granny's (Fayth on Fire) house and tries to warn her, but she only scares her granny who thinks she is some kind of prostitute. She is freaked out by Wonder Tomi just in time to get freaked out even more when Mr. Roboto shows up. Wonder Tomi tries to shield her granny, but they are both zapped with electric currents. Wonder Tomi is tape bound and ballgagged. She struggles helplessly as it appears her granny is a goner. Mr. Roboto leaves. Doc sees that Wonder Tomi's pic is starting to fade from the pic he has of the two of them. He knows Wonder Tomi must be in trouble and transfers himself back to the past. There is a ticking contraption getting ready to explode so he throws it out of the window just in time saving Wonder Tomi and her granny. He brings himself and Wonder Tomi back to the future. The picture now has a solid Wonder Tomi, so all is good unti Doc accidently hits a button and sends Wonder Tomi way back into the past. He doesn't know where he sent her, but we can see she is bound right next to a TREX!!!! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, TAPE BONDAGE, STRAP BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, BALLGAG, GAG TALK, GROPING, COOL EFFECTS, MASK FETISH, ROBOTS, HUMOR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR*****NOTE: A BIG THANK YOU TO ARTISTE FOR THE OUTSTANDING JOB HE DID ON SHOOTING, EDITING, ACTING IN, AND DIRECTING THIS PROJECT. THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE COOLEST SUPERHEROINE CLIPS I HAVE DONE! I HOPE YOU WILL CHECK IT OUT

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