14:24 video

Officer Tomiko and Officer Fayth on Fire beam down from their ship to a planet to collect specimens to bring back to the ship. Officer Tomiko finds something. Neither Fayth or Tomiko can figure out if it is a plant or a living creature. They bring it back to the ship with them. They run some tests. It appears that this thing seems to be hungry. They try feeding it different things, and it seems to take a liking to fruit and cheese. Little do they know, it is hungry for something more. It begins to grow then takes off running. Tomiko and Fayth try to find. Fayth leaves to get some assistance while Tomiko contines to look for it. She finds it, but is isn't the cute little furry thing she saw previously. It has grown into something large. It attacks her. She is pulled into its' mouth. It starts to chew on her and make strange noises. She struggles and kicks, but she is stuck in its' mouth and slowly being eaten. Fayth comes back in time to see her being slowly eaten. She tries to pull her out, but it's no use. Tomiko is going to be its' meal! It burps out her boots...To be Continued....you can see part two on Fayth on Fire's store #7999 BIG THANK YOU TO ARTISTE FOR FILMING, PRODUCING, AND EDITING THIS MOVIE. YOU ROCK! This is a MUST SEE for anyone that loves Vore. You will not be disappointed. It has a lot of great effects and a lot of eating! FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, EFFECTS, PANTYHOSE, BOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, UPSKIRT, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE  

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