16:10 video

Scientist, Tomiko, and her partner Ar. Arthur Bruin have an experiment they have been working on. Fluffy, and alien worm, was discovered when it was very small. Since they have had this alien in their possession, it has grown huge even though it hasn't really had much of an appetite. It has eaten some things, but not really a lot. They are trying to figure out what kind of food this creature eats. Dr. Bruin gets a little headache while they are taking some notes by Fluffy. Tomiko leaves the room. All of a sudden it seems like Dr. Bruin has gone into some kind of XXXX. he snaps out of it and meets with Tomiko. While they are sitting on the couch discussing Fluffy, Dr. Bruin gets another headache. He starts to go into a XXXX and starts groping Tomiko on her legs and all over her body. He mumbles words like, soft and firm, nice, tasty. Tomiko starts to blush. She has always had a crush on the doctor and never knew he liked her...but this is not the time or place. She giggles and brushes him away. She leaves and he snaps out of it. When he meets her again by the worm, he goes back into the XXXX and does the same thing...groping her and mumbling the same words. Now Tomiko is a little put off. He is being way to aggressive and this in not appropriate in the work office. She tries to get him to stop. He grabs her and starts moving her to the mouth of the alien worm. She manages to get free and runs away but bumps her head accidently trying to get away. He drags her back to the worm and feeds her to him. As she struggles, he gropes her legs while she is being eaten. All that is left of her is a lab coat. Now the Dr. is in a full XXXX. The alien worm controls his brain now completely. He has been ordered to find more women to feed him. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, GROPING, LEGS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, FOOT FETISH, SOLES

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