11:28 video

Dr. Tomiko shouldn't have drank that potion. She feels a little funny. Her head starts to hurt and she transforms into a hungry wolf. Wonder Tiffany (Miss Tiffany) hears that there is a wild that is running loose. She investigates but doesn't see the wolf approach her from behind. She gets bear hugged and falls to the bed. The wolf removes her power bracelets and starts to touch the tender meat of Wonder Tiffany. She starts to eat her a startled Wonder Tiffany becomes alert. She is grabbed and bitten. She starts to get slowly eaten. Her kick out and the struggling does her no good. The wolf is both hungry and strong. It eats her until here is nothing left. The wolf will wait for her next meal in the house. Who will it be...perhaps another Superheroine? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, VORE, TRANSFORMATION, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, EATING, LEGS, STRUGGLING, PANTYHOSE, SOLES. FOOT FETISH, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, ASS FETISH, STUCK  

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