20:32 video

Walter has a special birthday wish. He blows on the candles and then checks to see if his wish came true! It did!! There is Tomiko bound on the bed and she's even wearing pantyhose! Tomiko is trying to figure out how she got there and demands that Walter unties her. He rips off her clothes and gropes her. He smells her feet, sucks on her nipple and starts to enjoy his present except when she gets to loud. He shuts her up with a big ballgag. She tries to protest gag talking at him, but she is now all his. He vibes her with a vibrator, but decides to leave it there so that she is more tamed when he gets back. After she has a few orgasms, she should be nice and tame. He leaves her there to struggle with the vibrator. She manages to get loose and hides. When Walter returns to see that she is gone, he is surprised from behind with a knock to the head. Tomiko runs and hides in the bathroom. Walter searches for her and knows that she is hiding in the bathroom. He is upset that this birthday wish did not turn into what he was expecting, so he takes his wish back. The door is open and we see what Tomiko really was...FETISH ELEMENTS: BONDAGE, GAG TALK, BALLGAGGED, PANTYHOSE, STRUGGLING, FỌRCD STRIPPING, VIBRATOR, ORGASMS, FỌRCD ORGASMS, GROPING, SPANKING, ASS FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES****SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ARTISTE FOR FILMING, ACTING, AND CREATING THIS STORY. AS ALWAYS, HE IS A ROCKSTAR WHEN IT COMES TO HIS MOVIES. I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY THIS!

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