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The Doll Maker (Tomiko) has the ability to turn a person into a life size doll if she kisses them on the lips for more than 10 seconds. The victim will shudder and become a doll. They are able to be posed and played with if it is her fancy to do so. Torta (Sinn Sage) and Robyn (AnnaBelle Lee) suspect that the disapperance of all these girls have something to do with theDoll Maker. They find her hideout and they split up to find her. The Doll Maker is one step ahead of them. She sneaks up behind Torta and gives her the rag. She falls to the ground and Doll Maker starts to give her a kiss. She is distracted and doesn't hear Robyn coming up. Robyn confronts her and there is a fight, but the Doll Maker is able to gain control with her kiss. Robyn turns into a doll. She carries her away and leaves a note for Torta...kind of playing a game with her. Torta shows up to the new location and has a pill to help Robyn break out of her doll like state. She puts it in her mouth and kisses her to blow it down her throat. She doesn't see the Doll Maker who then gives her, Torta, a kiss. Torta turns into a doll. Robyn breaks out of her spell and K's Doll Maker from behind. With Doll Maker out on the floor she uses the pill to kiss down Torta's throat and cure her. Robyn doesn't see Doll Maker wake up and she surprises her from behind with another kiss. Torta Breaks out of her spell and gets a kiss. It looks like there are two super dolls. Doll Maker thinks she can make some money at an auction rather than just keeping them for herself. This will make her a ton of money. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BOOT FETISH, CATSUIT, MASKS, COSTUMES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, k'S, KISSING, LIFT AND CARRY, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS  

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