11:37 video

Sunfire (Dragonlily) finds out that the Doll Maker (Tomiko) has captured a couple of her Superheroine friends. She finds the Doll Maker's hideout. She puts a special chemical on her catsuit that wil prevent herself from being turned into a doll. Once she is kissed, it takes 5 seconds to wear off the doll effect and she is ready to kick some ass. The Doll Maker surprises Sunfire with a karate chop to the neck and down she goes. She plays with her limp body then goes in for a kiss. She leaves to get things ready for transport and Sunfire snaps out of doll mode. She hides and suprises the Doll Maker with a hold around the neck. Down goes the Doll Maker. Sunfire leaves to look for her friends. It looks like the hold wasn't enough to keep the Doll Maker out of commission. She awakes and hides. This time she goes in for the kiss immediately. Sunfire tries to fight it and is turned into a doll. 5 seonds later, she snaps out of it. The Doll Maker is confused. Why won't she stay a doll? After back and forth fighting and kissing with the transformation of turning her into a doll and her snapping out of it, the Doll Maker figures out it must be something that she is wearing. She is only able to strip things a little at a time because her kiss only puts Sunfire into dollmode for 5 seconds. Finally she gets the costume completely off and now Sunfire can't break the spell and is turned into a doll. The Doll Maker her carries her off to add to her collection. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, DOLL FETISH, LIMP PLAY, VARIOUS K'S, FREEZE, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, UPSKIRT, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, LONG HAIR, DOMINATION, KISSING  

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