27:46 video

Sunshine (Savannah) is hiding out in the house. Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) got a tip on her whereabouts. Sunshine sees her outside and is ready for her. In fact, she has a game planned. Wonder Tomi enters the house walking past the bathroom. She gets clubbed in the head. "Tag...yer it Wonder Dope!" She removes Wonder Tomi's power belt nd bracelets. She runs upstairs and hides. Wonder Tomi recovers and heads upstairs. She is not in the mood for games. She sees a paper on the floor and gets clubbed again! She is dragged into the bedroom and thrown onto the bed. Sunshine strips off Wonder Tomi's costume. Sunshine crawls next to her and waits for her to come to. She surprises Wonder Tomi with a syringe to the neck and then ties her spreadeagle to the bed. She adds a blindfold and tape gag to her. She adds a little extra something to keep her mellow and then gets her ready for her new business....sex slavery. The moonshine business has been slow and she can make a whole lot more money with this new career. She gets her to be aware before she vibes her to orgasm. Once she has had an orgasm, she calls her client and lets him know Wonder Tomi is ready. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FỌRCD STRIPPING, BIKINI, BOOT FETISH, ORGASMS, FỌRCD ORGASM, BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, BLINDFOLDS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, BLONDES

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