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Mischief (Delila B) has stolen Wonder Tomi's (Tomiko) costume and after using it for crime spree, she has placed it on e b a y to sell. A superfan (Delila B) of Wonder Tomi has purchased it. She has the tiara on when she gets to the hotel where she knows Wonder Tomi has a room. Wearing Wonder Tomi's tiara, she tells the front desk that she is Wonder Tomi and has misplaced her key. She is given a key and lets herself into Wonder Tomi's room. She rolls around in her sheets smelling her scent when the door opens and Tomiko Prince enters the room. She is shocked to see that this lady has her tiara but plays off that she is a friend of Wonder Tomi's and tells the superfan that it is stolen property. Seeing that the fan is not going to give her the tiara, she steps away to spin so she can change into Wonder Tomi. The only problem is that when she spins, she ends up nude...without a costume she has nothing. The Superfan sees her do the spin and puts it all together that she is Wonder Tomi! She rushes her thrusting her body all over the taken nude Wonder Tomi. She sends her to dreamland and talks about how they will be BFF's. When Wonder Tomi becomes alert, she tells her that she better give her back her costume. The Superfan sees a chance to control Wonder Tomi informing that she will reveal her secret unless she does what she says. I tracking device is inserted into Wonder Tomi's pussy with a vibrator. It activates once Wonder Tomi has orgasmed. The Superfan tells her that she will track her and catch up with her later now that they are BFF's. Wonder Tomi rushes to the Gynecologist hoping that she can remove the device out of her pussy. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, made ORGASM, VIBRATOR, PUSSY, FONDLING, BLONDES, BRUNETTES, LONG HAIR, JAPANESE, ASIAN, BBW, BIG TITS

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