14:39 video

Rookie Tomiko and Rookie Fayth on Fire are hoping to make it into the agency. They each must demonstrate to the panel how they would go about an arrest. Cocky Tomiko steps in front of Fayth and volunteers to go first. The Captain is not impressed. When it is Fayth's turn, she goes way over board. She puts her hands all over Tomiko's body, up her skirt and even in her bra and pulls out her boobs. Tomiko is pissed. The Captain excuses himself to discuss who will get the job with the staff. Tomiko and Fayth immediately go at it and get into a major catfight. Clothes get get torn off and pantyhose are ripped. They throw in a lot of hair pulling, punching to the stomach and anywhere else they can punch as well as slapping. They roll around on the floor fighting and are interrupted by the Captain who is not pleased. Neither of them get the job and they storm out pissed. FETISH ELEMENTS: CAT FIGHTING, FEMALE FIGHTING, G/G FIGHTING, BELLY PUNCHING, SLAPPING, PANTYHOSE, GROPING, TIT SQUEEZING, SPANKING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR***A BIG THANK YOU TO ARTISTE FOR PRODUCING AND EDITING THIS MOVIE. I REALLY LIKED WATCHING THIS ONE AND HOPE YOU WILL, TOO. PART TWO CAN BE FOUND ON FAYTH ON FIRE'S CLIPS4SALE STORE #7999 THEY END UP IN A TAPE BONDAGE SITUATION FOR THAT ONE

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