13:59 video

Tomiko Prince is in her business suit checking her laptop for crimefighting data. Tomiko gets a call from Suzie Wang (Dragonlily). She is doing a story about Wonder Tomi and wants to come over interview her since she knows she is close to Wonder Tomi. Tomiko is a little hesitant, but decides there would be no harm in that. They sit at the table and Tomiko is so preoccupied she doesn't see the can that Suzie has placed on the ground. She asks to use the restroom. After she leaves the room, Tomiko hears a gas noise....oh no! It's KO gas! Meanwhile, Suzie is in the bathroom getting undressed and puts on a costume. It was Lady Midnight all this time! She ties Tomiko to the chair and demands answers to the location of Wonder Tomi. Tomiko refuses to tell her and is defiant. Lady Midnight pulls out a dildo and sticks it in her mouth. Tomiko is disgusted but there is nothing she can do. Tomiko is KO'd. She wakes up tied spreadeagle to the bed...nude. She struggles but can't get loose. Lady Midnight walks in with a strap on and mounts her. She starts to give it to her. Tomiko resists but soon can't resist the sensations and she has an orgasm. Lady Midnight walks out of the room intending on some more fun a little later on. Tomiko Prince struggles to get free so she can spin and become Wonder Tomi. Things don't look be continued...FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, NUDITY, BONDAGE, DILDO, STRAP ON, GIRL GIRL, ORGASM, made ORGASM, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, KO, STRIPPING, ASIAN, PANTYHOSE, FOOT FETISH

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