18:51 video

BLAST FROM THE PAST!! Sunfire (Dragonlily) is looking for the Invisible Man. She finds his new hideout and sneaks into his house. She hopes to catch him by surprise, but she is the one that is in for a surprise. She trips over a string and it sets of a booby trap....KO Gas!! She tries to fight it but she gets XXXX and slowly KO's to the ground. Sunfire wakes up after a few minutes and looks around some more. She sees a paper on the reads "Look out behind you". Before she can react, she is clubbed and KO'd. She announces that is calling the police and that she knows he is out there and behind all these booby traps. Before she can even get a call in, she is hit with a dart in her ass. This slowly KO's her. Her body is dragged across the floor. She is hogtied and a vibrator is attached to between has ass and crotch. The Invisible Man lets her know that the vibrator is rigged with explosives. It has a sensor that detects moisture. By her fourth orgasm, she will be wet enough to activate it....then it is BANG and GOODBYE to Sunfire. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, CATSUIT, SPANDEX, VIBRATOR, BOOT FETISH, DOMINATION, BODY DRAGGING, HOGTIE, BONDAGE, VIBRATOR, ORGASMS, made ORGASMS                           

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