19:38 video

BLAST FROM THE PAST! We leave off where one of the Bee Keeper's bees (Annabelle Lee) has injected Wonder Tomi with a special XXXX to make her helpless and powerless. It sends her to dreamland. She tries to get herself together, but ends up back out. She awakes and is at the Bee Keeper's location. He samples her pussy nectar and runs his hands all over her body. She is stripped out of her costume so he can get a better taste of her pussy and feel her soft skin. Wonder Tomi is going to be turned into the ultimate evil: The Queen Bee. He injects her with a syrum to her brain and she is in a XXXX and obeys the Bee Keeper. His first assignement for his Queen Bee is to suck his yellow cock. She starts to do as he says and he is enjoying it...but then her teeth come out and she attacks him by biting him. This powerful sting does something to him and his body disappears leaving just his clothes there. Wonder Tomi starts to sXXXX out of the XXXX. She can't remember what happened or what she had become. She is nude with no costume of any kind, and a very confused Wonder Tomi takes the Bee Keeper's clothes planning on going to the police. What happened to the Bee Keeper?? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FOOT FETISH, GROPING, PUSSY EATING, MIND FUICK, ROBOTS, STRIPPING, DOMINATION, ASIAN, BOOT FETISH. DILDO, FUCKING, DILDO BLOWJOB, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR                           

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