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Super Christina (Christina Skye) finds the Scientist hideout and knows he's up to no good. He is engrossed in her beauty and knows that he must control and dominate this superheroine. He ties her up in kryptonite rope. This makes her powerless. He handgags her to shut her up and clubs her to dreamland. He gropes and fondles her tits and plays with her pussy. He then wakes her up to let her know what he is going to do while he continues to grope her. He puts his fingers in her pussy to make her wet and ready because he plans on fucking her up the ass. She is sent to dreamland again and then doped with a syringe to make her tell the truth. She is Stripped out of her costume and he gets her ready. She comes to while he strips her, and he puts the kryptonite rag on her. Super Cristy is superior and he wants to go for a new Superheroine. Super Cristy is on all fours nude and wet from his preparations. This gets the Scientist is super horny. So horny he can't contain himself. He strips out of his clothes and takes her in the ass grinding her hard and playing with her tits. Since he prepped her close to orgasm, she is helpless and has a XXXX orgasm just when the Scientist blows his stuff inside her. She is humiliated and the Scientist has won another conquest. Who will be his next Superheroine victim? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, MIND FUCK, GROPING, ASS FETISH, FUCKING, BONDAGE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, PUSSY, BLONDES, BIG TITS

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