24:19 video

Tomiko and Dragonlily have decided to become friends since they are the only slave traders in the market. Dragonlily is under Tomiko as an apprentice. Tomiko can't forget about Sybil Starr, the cop in one of captures. She decides that she is going to rent this one for her own pleasure. She gets home with the sexy Sybil Starr and lifts and carries her out of the truck. She brings her into the house and takes her top off so she can play with her tits. There is a call, she lifts and carries Sybil looking for the phone and finally finds it in the hallway. It's Dragonlily and she is on her way. She greets her at the door and...what is this?? She is carrying Miss Tiffany. Wow...two hot girls. They trade and Tomiko lifts and carries Tiffany while Dragonlily carries Sybil. They trade back and decide to carry them upstairs to the bedroom. Here is where the fun begins. They decide to pose them in sexy positions and take pictures so they can make some extra money. All the posing and fondling turns them both on. Tomiko and Dragonlily strip out of their dresses and start kssing each other. They are in for a day of action with these XXXX bodies. Aftewards, they get dressed and they carry them downstairs and out the back so they can return them to their slave owners. FETISH ELEMENTS: LIFT AND CARRY, NUDITY, LINGERIE, LEGS, ASS, XXXX FETISH, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

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