12:54 video

SABLIQUE VON LUX is a sexy agent. She is sent in with a French Maid disguise posing as a cleaning lady looking for a special disc with information about all the bank hits. She doesn't realize that she is being observed. She is caught and questioned. A device is used that keeps stunning her making her body shake. She still will not give up the info. Finally she does, but this doesn't stop the obvious conclusion. It's game over for her and we look at her as she is moved around, shoes dangling off her foot and XXXX body played with. Her body is finally dragged away for disposal. FETISH ELEMENTS: XXXX FETISH, FRENCH MAID FETISH, AGENT, BODY SHAKING, SHOE DANGLING, FOOT FETISH, STOCKINGS, FISHNET STOCKINGS, DRAGGING

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