18:52 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) arrives to stop a new villain (Caroline Pierce) who has planted a bomb. She arrives and spots the bomb but before she can do anything the evil new villain attacks her from behind and she gets put down. Next thing we see her get stripped of her costume and next thing we know we see Wonder Tomi but she is now wearing supergirl's costume. Wonder Tomi finally comes too but the hit from behind has given her what looks like small amnesia as she doesn't know who she actually is so when she sees the costume she is wearing she actually thinks she must be supergirl not her true self in Wonder Tomi. She then spots the bomb and time has now ticked away to where the bomb is about to soon explode so she grabs the bomb and again thinking she is actually super girl she firstly tries to use her strength to destroy it but notices it not working and she thinks her super strength has been compromised so she then attempts to fly the bomb out and take it to a safe place to explode but she notices she can't fly either and thinks again that her flight has been compromised too but the true fact is she is not super girl at all. The bomb is getting closer to blowing up so again forgetting who she actually is and thinking she is someone else that being supergirl she then shockingly and amazingly decides she is going to swallow the bomb and let her powerful and strong stomach dissolve and destroy the bomb so she puts the bomb in her mouth and with a big gulp she actually swallows the whole bomb down. Feeling good about herself rubbing er belly where she feels the bomb is safe now and she has now saved the day her joy is soon squash when again she is hit from behind by the evil villain who planted the bomb and again ends up knocking her out once more. We then see wonder Tomi get stripped of her supergirl costume and next thing we see is her and she is now then back in her normal Wonder Tomi costume. Wonder Tomi comes too and she actually remembers now who she really is and why she was here and that was to stop the evil villain and she remembers that they planted a bomb but Wonder Tomi looks around but she cant see the bomb anywhere anymore but suddenly she begins to hear the bomb ticking away as if its in its final countdown mode so she looks around but even though she can hear the ticking she cant see the bomb anywhere. The villain shows Wonder Tomi the video footage and she sees what she does. She has informed her that she alerted the major that it was safe for everyone to come back inside the house. Wonder Tomi has no choice but to flee...otherwise all innocent people will be part of the demise! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, VORE, SWALLOWING, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BOOT FETISH, PANTYHOSE                           

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