11:31 video

Super Ariel enters the Doll Maker's (Tomiko) house. Little does she know, it is a trap. kryptonite gas leaks out of the vent sending her weak to the ground and into dreamland. This gives the Doll Maker a chance to inject her new super doll with a special formula. She poses her doll and thinks about how she will market her when Super Ariel snaps out of the spell, Doll Maker goes in for a kiss. Super Ariel turns back into a doll. Maybe Doll Maker just needs to stick to her old ways of turning them into dolls. After a minute of posing and stripping her out of her costume, she snaps out of it again! Doll Maker doesn't understand how this happened and kisses her again and gives her a syringe at the same time. This time it does the trick and she remains a doll. Doll Maker poses her some more and then decides that she is going to stick her in the closet with the others. She is a tall one. Doll Maker is certain she can make some extra money and advertise her as Amazon Doll. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, made STRIPPING, KISSING, EFFECTS, BLONDES, SMALL TITS, AMAZONS, BOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES

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