22:52 video

Largo is the next villain that gets Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) for delivery. Gotta love those Vegas Villains. Wonder Tomi was transported while still and she wakes up topless, bound spreadeagle, and helpless. She doesn't understand how this is possible, She is being passd around to all the villains to be a meaningless play toy. She feels defeated and humiliated as Largo massages her body and play with her tits. He fondles her all over and he rips her tights to get to her Pussy. A device is played on her pussy and she can't resist the sensations she is feeling. She is XXXX to have an orgasm adding to her humiliation. Largo leaves the room, and Wonder Tomi takes that moment to try and escape. She is able to somehow get free. She sees her costume minus the belt. She can't worry about that now. She needs to escape. Largo comes back and you think he would feel angry that she is missing. On the contrrary, it was a set up. A GPS has been placed in her costume. This will make it easy to track her down. Let's face's a real treat hunting down Wonder Tomi and then defeating, dominating, and humiliating her. Fondling and having their way with her is just icing on the cake. Who will be the next Villain to capture Wonder Tomi? Will she be able to discover the hidden GPS? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, MASSAGE, BONDAGE, TIGHTS/PANTYHOSE.STOCKINGS, FOOT FETISH, FONDLING, PUSSY, TITS, ORGASMS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, STRUGGLING, ESCAPE, made ORGASM                           

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