7:31 video

Agent X (Tomiko) and Agent Y (Savannah) show up at the same party. They are both there to look for a device. There is a rivalry between the two and each suspects the other of being a double agent. Drinks are tossed on each other and a fight breaks out between the two agents. Things get heated really fast and it turns into a huge catfight. Each Agent starts to tear the other agent's dress. Then it looks like it moves to the undergarments and the fancy thigh high hose. Dressed in classic vintage lingerie, this is a very sexy fight. They fall to the floor and continue to fight. When it looks like they are going to shake hands, Agent X pulls a tricky move and puts Agent Y into a special hold sending her to dreamland. She and Agent X gets creative and uses the torn pieces of clothing and hose to tie and gag Agent Y. She is left there to struggle but manages to finally get free. I have a feeling that this fight will not be over between the two sexy agents. This was edited by a pro. I am honored to have it on here and a special thank you to ArTiste. :) FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, CAT FIGHTING, made STRIPPING, VINTAGE, NUDITY, LINGERIE, PANTYHOSE.STOCKINGS, FEMALE FIGHTING, BONDAGE, FOOT FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, STRUGGLING, BLONDES, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASS FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE                           

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