6:56 video

Wonder Constance is still recovering from her trauma with Queen Mind Fuck. She is away on vacation to try to get some peace. She has a nightmare and dreams about Wonder Tiffany (Miss Tiffany) being eaten by a shark. It is so real that she wakes up in a sweat and doesn't seem sure. She plans on calling Wonder Tiffany after she takes a dip in the pool. Cautiously she approaches the water. She laughs at herself for being so silly. Why would there be a shark in the pool? She should have looked at her dream as a premonition. Before she can even realize it, she gets a bite on the foot from Chomper...a very hungry shark. She tries her best to escape, but it is no use. This shark has special powers and she in unable to get away from him. She is stuck and struggling in his mouth as her legs and feet fight to get free. She is Chomper's next meal. Has this happened to Wonder Tiffany or is this something in her future? Wonder Constance is chewed up with nothing to spit out. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIIENS AND MONSTERS, UNDERWATER FETISH, STRUGGLING, LEGS, ASS FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, STUCK, LONG HAIR, REDHEADS, BRUNETTE, POV, WET & MESSY, BIKINIS                           

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