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Savannah is the Senator's dughter that Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) watched before and had problems with. She gets another call from the Senator apologizing and promising that it won't happen again. Wonder Tomi gives in and goes to guard Savannah. Wonder Tomi walks in all business like dismissing the guards outside her door and starts to look around to secure the place. Savannah apologizes about her behavior and blames it on her obsession with her boyfriend's 12 inch cock. Wonder Tomi seems flustered when she talks to her like that and tries not to think about it. Savannah is horny and thinks Wonder Tomi is hot. She comes up with a plan to d r u g her by slipping something in her drink. "This should make her horny" . Wonder Tomi takes a sip of her drink and starts to feel funny...aroused. She tries to resist but starts to give in as Savannah starts to seduce her. Wonder Tomi feels hot and needs to get out of her clothes. Savannah wastes no time getting out of hers and helps Wonder Tomi strip out of hers. They start to embrace and start touching each other's body. They start kissing and groping each others naked bodies. Wonder Tomi gets overheated and leaves to get a glass of water. Savannah's boyfriend calls her and seduces her with his 12 inch cock. Savannah decides she wants some of that and puts more stuff into Wonder Tomi's drink. Wonder Tomi returns and takes a drink. They start kissing more and it doesn't take long when Wonder Tomi feels the effect of the d r u g. She starts closing her eyes and is in dreamland . Savannah promises the snoozing Wonder Tomi that she will put on her strap on and do her once she gets back from her boyfriend's house. Will Wonder Tomi once again be and humiliated by this naughty vixen? THERE WERE SOME FUNNY OUTTAKES THAT ARE INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE CLIP. FREE MINUTES!FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, STRIP TEASE, KISSING, GIRL GIRL, BLONDES, BRUNETTES, BIG TITS, HUMOR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR. MIND FUCK                           

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