22:04 video

CHRISTINA CARTER is a business woman getting ready to meet her girlfriend for drinks. She has to stop by her deceased Aunt's house to go through some things first. Her Aunt was a very nice lady but a little eccentric. She believed in magic and claimed to be mystic. Christina looks in an old trunk and sees a note. The note says that this is a time vortex trunk. It has items that will transport you back to different times of your life. She doesn't believe the note, but touches the lip gloss. There is a blast of light and a wind sound. She is a young adult and doesn't even realize anything has happened. She looks at her phone and doesn't understand why she has a lot of old people friends. "How lame!" She turns back to current business woman and can't believe what just happened. She explores more items. This time she touches a bunny and it turns her into a little girl. She turns back once she doesn't have the item in her hand. She grabs a rattle and turns into a toddler. Once the rattle is gone she is back. The final stage is just a note. "BABYS FIRST TOY". This immediately turns her into diapers and she babbles and crawls around. When she finally changes back, she calls her friend to come over to her Aunt's house. This is far better than going out for drinks. She feels so young and vibrant now! Her Aunt isn't crazy after all! FETISH ELEMENTS: AGE REGRESSION, NUDITY, BIG TITS, ADULT DIAPERS, XXXX FETISH, SOLES, FOOT FETISH, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR

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