6:52 video

Fayth On Fire is relaxing at hotel. She gets ready to go into the pool. She thinks she sees something swimming around in it, but realizes she must be imagining it. What could possibly be swimming in a public pool. She dips her feet in and has a seat. Splashing around with her legs. Chomper sees his opportunity. He starts to swim towards her feet and takes a bite. She struggles and manages to get her foot free. After a few minutes she thinks that her imagination is getting the best of her. She decides to go back into the pool. This time, Chomper bites her and doesn't let go. It starts to chew on her face as she fights with it. With see her legs outside of the pool struggling as her body is slowly pulled into the pool. It doesn't look like she will be getting out of the pool anymore. It looks like she will be going into Chomper's mouth instead. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STRUGGLING, STUCK, LEGS, UNDERWATER FETISH, POV, REDHEADS, FACE FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES

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