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Bella Ink has an obsession over Wonder Tomi (Tomiko). She wants to be her, but she can't be until she gets Wonder Tomi out of the way. She breaks into her house and puts the necessary prep items out to help bring her out of commission. Wonder Tomi enters her house and immediately starts to ask what Bella is doing in her house. Before she can take Bella in, Bella takes her down with a little surprise. Wonder Tomi is sent to dreamland. Her XXXX body is played with and she is slowly stripped out of her costume. Every time, Wonder Tomi starts to come to, she is sent back down. When is stripped nude, a straight jacket is put on her and her ankles are tied. She comes to and demands the meaning of this. Bella sets her straight that if she doesn't shut her big mouth, something will be shoved into it. Wonder Tomi doesn't listen so Bella informs her that she will be back with a bunch of men who know the right thing to put in her mouth. While she is captive, Bella will impersonate her and start her crime spree! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, XXXX FETISH, HUMILIATION, STRAIGHT JACKET, BONDAGE, FOOT FETISH, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BLONDES

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