18:44 video

Witchy Woman (Caroline Pierce) is from another dimension. She wants to rule the world, but she knows there is one persn that stands in her way...and that persn is Wonder Tomi (Tomiko). She transports herself to Wonder Tomi's place and waits for her upstairs. Wonder Tomi hears a strange noise and heads upstairs. There is a confrontation with Witchy Woman, but with the wave of her wand, Wonder Tomi's belt vanishes! (If you ever watched 'Bewitched' the effects are spot on like the show...really came out great!) Wonder Tomi looks around confused and asks her where her belt is, but another wave of the wand and Wonder Tomi finds herself tied from head to toe with rope. Another wave of her wand and a henchman appears. The henchman even looks around a little confused but takes orders well when with the wave of the wand, a table appears and Wonder Tomi is to be placed on it. Wonder Tomi is fondled continuously and helpless. The Henchman hand over mouth's her when she tries to protest. Wonder Tomi tries to reason with him and get him to side with her. When he finds out that the magic to ruling the world has to do with the wand, he formulates a plan. Witchy Woman returns and immediately starts fondling Wonder Tomi. She is so involved that she doesn't see the Henchman approach from behind. He clubs her with the wand and clubs Wonder Tomi with the wand. They both wake up tied to chairs nude. He announces that he will rule the world. He waves the wand over their bodies and a vibrator appears tied to their thighs and touching their crotch. He leaves them there and they have no control and are f0rcd to orgasm over and over. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, ORGASMS, ORGAMS, NUDITY, HAND OVER MOUTH, GROPING, BONDAGE, EFFECTS, CLEAVE GAGS, HUMILIATION                           

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