15:26 video

Wonder Bunny (Bunny) is new to the Superheroine world. Straight out of Superheroine school, she is about to take on her first assignment. She should have brought a seasoned Heroine to help her, but she is too cocky for that. She decides to go after Tomiko the slave trader. Tomiko puts a stop to her plans immediately with a special dreamland cloth. She is put down and her body is XXXX played with it. Tomiko removes the cape and ties her up. Wonder Bunny wakes up and starts to struggle. She ends up getting loose thanks to her power items. She is now angry and goes more intense to another area of the house to confront Tomiko. There is a special gas leak that sends her back to dreamland. This time Tomiko XXXX strips her costume off until she is only left in her bra and panties. She XXXX plays with her and then puts her in a straight jacket. To shut her up she tapes her mouth. Wonder Bunny awakes and realize she is in trouble when Tomiko tells her that she will make her some big money. In fact, the client is on the way now! She struggles but she isn't going anywhere! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, XXXX FETISH, made STRIPPING, BONDAGE, STRUGGLING, TAPE GAG, STRAIGHT JACKET, ASS FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, ASIAN, HIGH HEELS                           

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