21:43 video

BLAST FROM THE PAST!  Nyxon is Villain, Sexy Cat. Wonder Tomi tracks her as the one responsible for the bank heist. She finds her hideout and kicks in the door. Wonder Tomi goes to grab Sexy Cat but is surprised by catatonic catnip thrown at her. Wonder Tomi starts to get dizzy. She staggers towards the bed falling on it. Sexy Cat calls her Henchman, Big Boy to tie Wonder Tomi up and gag her. She is spreadeagle tied and struggles to get free. We see Sexy Cat getting ready to head out to a jewlery store as her next hit when she gets surprised by Wonder Tomi. Sexy cat throws Catatonic Catnip at her again but this time Wonder Tomi is prepared and uses her magic bracelets to deflect it away. Wonder Tomi is snug and tells her she is going to get her now, but she is surprised by the claw like hands of Sexy Cat coated with a special paralyzing formula made to make anyone immobile. Wonder Tomi's movements start to slow down until she is completely frozen like a statue. Sexy Cat goes to leave and head to another hideout, but she makes sure her Henchman, Big Boy, gets to stay and have some fun. Big Boy carries her onto the bed and strips the helpless Wonder Tomi out of her costume. He messes with her fondling her and playing around with her. Before Sexy Cat left, she coated the bed with Catatonic Catnip, Wonder Tomi is tied hogtied to the bed...nude. At first she is out of it, but not enough Catatonic Catnip was put on the bed, so Wonder Tomi is able to snap out of it....yet she is still helpless and unable to get free from the Henchman's hogtie. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, STUCK, FREEZE, ROBOTS, MIND FUCK, STRIPPED, GROPED, NUDITY, BONDAGE (2 TIES), BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX/TIGHTS, ASS FETISH, LEGS, FOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTE

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