16:19 video

BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! The Dollmaker (Tomiko) has another victim to add to her collection...Super Savannah! She sneaks up behind her and plants a kiss on her mouth turning her into a frozen doll. She manipulates her body and makes fun of her. What is this..Super Savannah snaps out of it! Dollmakers plants another kiss on her lips and she turns back into a doll. She plays with her tory some more and Super Savannah snaps out of it again. She informs Dollmaker that she is able to overcome her powers. Dollmaker has a fix for that. She has a speciall collar that she laces with kryptonite. She plants another kiss on super Savannah's lips and then places the device on her. She not only is a doll, but she is a walking doll that can obey commands. Dollmaker makes her do a bunch of things including stripiping out of her costume. She has her do suggestive poses which gives Dollmaker an idea...let's make her a super blowup doll!!! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FREEZE, ROBOTS, STRIPTEASE, MIND FUCKED, BOOT FETISH, DOLL FETISH, BIG TITS, ASS FETISH, PUSSY, BLONDES, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, PANTYHOSE

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