17:41 video

Tomiko comes home after a jog in her spandex leggings and sports bra. She calls her friend to talk about plans and they talk about that silly Ouija board they played with the night before. That was such a joke. Tomiko is a non believer. After hanging up, she hears a strange noise. She goes to investigate. She sees nothing in the other room, but right after the weird noise, she feels a XXXX around her neck. She starts to XXXX. It has a good lock on her. She struggles trying to get free. She falls to the ground and struggles. Her shoes come flying off revealing luscious soles. She is put unconscience and slowly dragged by an invisible XXXX into the closet. Her body and feet twitch as she is being dragged. She comes to and can't remember how she got in the closet. She is uncomfortable like something is watching her. She goes to the living room and the XXXX follows her. She feels pressure around her neck again and falls to the ground. This time it might be the end for her. We close with a scene of her in a hogtie with an apple in her mouth, body twitching. Frozen or something else? FETISH ELEMENTS: SOLES, SPANDEX, FOOT FETISH, SCRUNCHED SOLES, STRUGGLING, BONDAGE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR

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